Friday, April 24, 2020

Not taking life seriously at the moment.

Tom Degan definitely isn't!

The thought-architecture of conservatism has been so clearly broken by the pandemic that the buzzword in elite circles is now “post-ideology”. We’re spending an extra £350bn, cancelling the entire deficit reduction efforts of the past ten years because we have to. We’re paying 80 per cent of people’s wages because the alternative is the collapse capitalism. We’re imposing draconian restrictions on individual liberty because the scientists say we have to – though it riles every Burkean bone in our bodies.

I have a dream and no it is not clearing my system with disinfectant, Dettol have already issued a warning against ingesting such a dangerous substance. When for goodness sake are they going to take him to the 'funny house'? No all of a sudden we will understand where we have been going with an out of date government system, and I include the Labour party in that analysis.

The sun shines as if it knows it is time to rejoice with planes out of the sky, cars off the road, the world looks greener, the animals roam at will, the bird song is clear, and we look into everyone's house and criticise their decor as they stare wooden faced into their computers.

Have we lost the plot, are we undone by a virus?  Notice how all over the world minds are being put to the cure, the problem at the moment when should we let the people out?  I am glad Johnson survived, I do not wish death on anyone, but missing 5 Cobra meetings, leader he isn't.

"The Tories went into this crisis nurturing the belief that the state should have no motivating purpose, that complex market relationships make public services more efficient, and that public spending is a bad idea. At time of writing, the result is that England and Wales’s weekly death toll is 75 per cent higher than normal."

"But here’s the problem. Conservatism gained its modern character through first creating by force, and then having to maintain by force, the neoliberal system. It’s twin leitmotifs are celebration of the rich and justification of inequality, not celebration of the immigrant social care worker and state seizure of the private healthcare system."

All quotes from the News Statesman

On the Home Front; That expletive deleted cockerel has ravaged my little bantam, the other one has gone all broody but she could have been ravished as well.  Though they are laying eggs as if their is no tomorrow. My family are sending me parcels and no one has actually gone mad yet, except for one clear case, I cannot understand how the Republican party keeps him in power.


  1. I'm glad only one person so far has gone mad! I'm sure injecting disinfectant will help!

  2. Someone needs to take out a contract on Trump - he hasn't got two braincells to rub together! He is plain dangerous.

    I saw that Dettol (or whoever owns them) had swiftly put out a disclaimer saying please do NOT inject yourself with Dettol or any disinfectant! Ye Gods.

    I am not a political animal, I have to say, but remembering how grim I felt the last time I had flu, I would not be up to chairing any sort of committee - even the one to get me to and from the bathroom!!

    Sorry about your poor ravished bantams. Cockerels are - sadly - a bit inclined towards the rape and pillage!

  3. I don't wish harm to anyone but might Trump take his own advice do you think?

    As to your bantam - we kept chickens of all kinds, including bantams, on the farm and I can vouch for the fact that there is nothing more cruel than a chicken.

  4. Thanks everyone, just thought the world could not get any more weird, probably questioning my own sanity in all this. I know chickens can be merciless if they pick on one chicken Pat, but there was definitely no introduction from the cockerel to my bantam.

  5. I couldn't believe what I was hearing The Great Leader saying yesterday, but it was on the TV, as big and dumb as could be, he was talking to the scientist and medical doctor there. Now today he says he was just being sarcastic, and was addressing the press with his sarcasm. How can he not realize that his original ridiculousness was on video. People can look at the original video any time they want to, even though not many people would want to see the pathetic misinformation and dumb ideas again. So now, not only is he just dumb, once again he is a liar,too. I hope enough of us are around in November to vote this goofball out of office.

    1. We are all with you there, the sarcasm excuse was pathetic. What I do not understand is that group of people standing around him silent and emotionless, why does someone not speak out?

  6. Poor Dr. Birx. You wanted to reach into the screen and pull her to safety. Sidebar: is being fired worse than supporting the injection or ingestion of isopropyl alcohol

    1. Was that the lady sitting down pulling faces? His turnaround this morning was pathetic.

  7. We would love to be rid of him. It looks as if no one in authority will do anything to accomplish that, so we await November.


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