Saturday, February 27, 2021

A Breath of Air

Isis in Hyde Park, London by Simon Gudgeon

I see that a brave and courageous spirit has left  Earth this week.  Just Jill - Land of the Big Sky and her trips down to the Scottish beach where she lived nearby was an opening blog for me every morning, and it will be sad not to see her sea birds each day and her cheerful few words..  May she find peace,  and all the best to the family who must be distraught by her sudden departure.

And something peaceful.  Listening to the radio this morning Simon Gudgeon walk with Clare Balding  on Ramblings to his 25 acres of his work Sculpture  by the Lakes, see below.


  1. A sad passing indeed. I shall miss her posts and photos of the place she loved so much.

    Before we moved I used to listen to Ramblings but routine is still out-of-kilter here. I shall listen to that later, thanks for the link.

  2. A nasty shock this morning to read about Jill - so sad.

    What an amazing place with all those sculptures. I never wake up early enough nowadays to listen to Ramblings! Must catch up with her walks online.

  3. Dear Thelma,

    What a beautiful and tender tribute to your virtual friend.

    You have captured the mood of the moment perfectly with such delightful sculptures in a wonderfully tranquil setting. So many people are looking for calm and peace in these turbulent and often frightening times, so this is a very welcome breath of fresh air.

    We had only just discovered Jill and her blog. Her carefully chosen words and images made the everyday seem very special. And, how wonderful is that.

  4. Sad to hear about Jill, I loved her photos of the sea birds.

    Thank you for introducing me to both Simon Gudgeon and Clare’s Ramblings. The sculpture gardens are now on my post lockdown list of places to visit, which is getting ever longer.

  5. I will miss those oyster catchers and storm-tossed fishing boats. Strangely, I never got tired of them.

  6. It is so sad to lose a blogger...even ones we have never met. I think in some ways we know them as well if not better than their in present friends.

  7. I will miss our daily visits to the Prom! I will miss Jill. How glad I am that I found her blog.
    That video is terrific - what a beautiful place! Thanks for posting!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing the "Sculpture By The Lakes." Just beautiful. So sorry to hear about Jill. Loved seeing her photos daily - reminded me of where I used to live with my view of the ocean, as well as outrageously beautiful places to walk with my dog.


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