Thursday, September 16, 2021


 Finding something to write every day gets difficult, my conversations have become a question of keeping up with my grandchildren.  Matilda at uni on a fashion journalistic course.  Ben at the moment, doing a very successful internee on styling corporate videos and many more different types, three yesterday. Then Tom my eldest grandchild came yesterday evening to see his sister and the talk was all  social media.  He by the way is also in public relations (or whatever it is called) and has to follow the latest trends for his clients.

Names get bandied around that I know little of, luckily I knew Anna Wintour yesterday, because Matilda has to write something about Conti Nast which is the group of holdings? that own Vogue.  Great excitement in the family as their mum's charity shop featured in Vogue as the best charity shop in Manchester.  Makes of clothes completely foreign to me, but the 'vintage' and that doesn't mean going back a 100 years, just to the 70s/80s of the last century.

Yesterday I sewed up a polythene flowered dress, with much disapproval moaning about crimplene at the same time ;).  Checked the Met Gala, have to keep up with the times without being scornful of the lightness of today's society.  The dresses are there to shock you into submission was my thought, Anna Wintour over flowered, Emma Raduncanu sweet and pretty.  But who covers themselves all over in black, including the face, what does it signify? Ball gowns that included acres of taffeta, how does one justify this splurge of nonsensical fashion ;) ;) Family please read quietly.


  1. Oh Thelma how I laughed at your post. The gap between generations is huge isn't it? Only my son lives anywhere near and the others are well-spaced - one even in China. ften I think I don't live in the same world.

  2. Yes Pat, looks of astonishment greet my ignorance of today's happening. But of course so much of it is trivia in the news.


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