Saturday, September 18, 2021

18th September 2021

 Brief summary of the news as I see it ;)

Bring back imperial measurements - no way.  As someone said on Twitter when they resort too bringing something back from the past you can be sure they have no plans for the future.  Distraction, distraction, distraction!

Reshuffling is fine, you are only moving the same chess pieces on the board, the end result is still the same.  As for Andrew Neil (a former sinister apprentice to the dark lord of News Corpleaving GB news he is hauling himself out of the pit before it gets too nasty.

I leave it to Marina Hyde on reshuffles, she has such a wicked mouth ;)

But in all my pottering around I came across Rebekah Brooks the CEO of News UK, an off spur of Murdoch's empire.  Rebekah always reminds me of one of my stepmothers - Red hair, palest of skins and probably freckles.  My stepmother brought havoc into our household having affairs or marriages both to my grandfather and half brother.  I have a feeling Rebekah has the same inclination towards life and running newspapers. Anyway it was fascinating reading up about her.

The sun is shining, the winter 'bad news' is beginning to pile in and I shall return to softer subjects soon.  Teddy is starting to yowl downstairs all his females have disappeared.  He treats my daughter as head of house but I come in as a favourite for feeding him tidbits.  We were discussing this morning if he thinks the Aga is a third person, as he always comes between our legs and the Aga....

This also:  Lamorna Birch a prolific painter in Cornwall......

From the Cairn - Lamorna Birch


  1. Agree about metric measures!
    Like the painting and also the name.

    1. He lived by and painted a lot of Lamorna Cove, that is why he included it in his name Pat.

  2. But imperial measures were a great way to baffle the Europeans.

  3. It has taken a good part of my lifetime to convert to metric and our children know no other Tasker.


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