Thursday, November 25, 2021

25th November 2021

We are heading for an Artic blast, in other words cold and probable snow.  I am rather glad I invested in an oil radiator heater rather than heat the whole house, I just heat this room.  Mostly as I knit (a warm jumper) I listen to audio books. Just finished Phil Rickman - All of a Winter's Night, before that John Lewis Stempel - The Wood,  and now I am listening to Rebecca Solnit - Men Explain things to me.  I have decided I need to read up about feminism, after all I live in a feminist household. I notice that Tasker has her book 'Wanderlust' on his list for Christmas, I am just ordering credits for audios at the moment but will go for her book on 'Orwell's Roses' when it eventually appears in the spoken word.

So who have I chosen for my feminist exploration?  Germaine Greer went out the window, in your face I do not want. But Virginia Woolf, (A Room of my Own), Lady Hale (Spider Woman), Melinda Gate (The Moment of Lift).

It is weird this old world how things change over time and especially our own particular time on Earth.  We live in a state of anxiety I think not just the times dictate that but because somewhere in our primitive past we needed too fear everything. I have overcome my nervousness of going to the large medical centre and even managed to get through on the phone for my booster vaccination which happens next Monday.

The tragedy of those immigrants drowning in the English Channel haunts the airways, do we love tragedy that much? This is happening in other seas elsewhere, the world is on the move, economically we are trashed by the environment. Pull out your fingers and pull up your socks?   What can we do about it all?  Nag our politicians of course, don't get stuck on foolishness of Peppa Pig.  What is needed of course is getting rid of corruption that starts with the individual and slowly makes it way to infect the whole broad swathes of government, society is infected as well.  Perhaps 'survival of the fittest' should be put to one side. Capitalism needs a rest. 

Or we should just close our eyes and hearts to the suffering, draw up the drawbridge and indulge in another Christmas, at least we may have our family around us  Came on the following Norwegian video.  It is rather sweet, falling in love with Father Christmas our hero is sad.  A sort of grown up video we should do more of in Britain.  Santa Gets a Boyfriend


  1. I secretly know that Wanderlust has been bought and is waiting to be wrapped. I'm not supposed to know that. Another thing I shouldn't know is that Laurie Lee's Village Christmas which a number of other bloggers have recently mentioned came with it. It's like looking in the back of the wardrobe when the parents were out.

  2. Or feeling the odd lumps in your pillowcase at the end of the bed on Xmas Eve. Or that bike propped casually on the landing stairs, that got whizzed round the garden at dawn ;) Trouble with getting old we know what our presents will be.

  3. I have to tell you that I've recently begun to listen to podcasts. I just went through some Dateline stuff, and I admit to an uneasy feeling. When did murder become entertainment?


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