Sunday, November 12, 2023

Life goes on

 Well my first private blog.  It is Sunday a day of quietness for me, when the world becomes less noisy.  Not this Sunday of course elsewhere the drums of war are biting into human flesh.

Lillie comes down whilst I am making my breakfast, her first remark, granny you've gone private. She had been baking yesterday evening, chocolate cakes for the scouts today. As she fitted the cakes into boxes we talked of conscription, I somehow equate the scouts with the National Service conscription of long ago.  Was it a good thing?  

The scouts today will march through town, they start at 10.30 for the 11'00 silence.  After that it is a walk to the site of a crashed WW1 plane.

It reminds me of coming across a similar site somewhere remote on the Presceli Hills, I have photos somewhere.  A few bits of metal, a small memorial of the men who had died and a red poppy.

Karen has just said via F/B that she is waiting at  Geneva airport to come home.  She went on a very short visit to see her Aunt Sylvia, Hob and Jeannot. Sylvia is married to Hob, an American. ................................


So this is the first record written to myself, and one or two others it seems when I have learnt how to manipulate the back plate of my blog.

Through all this Mollie the cat has been ranging back and forward giving full vent to her vocals about life, one of her expressions sounds like 'what the hell'. She has just zoomed in and out (19 years old) which means she has just had a 'c**p in the litter box.

And here they are in this blog; taken from this blog

Lillie has just waltzed in showing off her nekka, (it goes round the neck) wound tightly in a spiral way, and I ask what about the blouse.  Ironed she says 'I am perfect' wisely that girl has too much confidence in herself.

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