Wednesday, May 27, 2015

2012 photos

The ford at Wheeldale


We are slowly moving towards that moving date, actually it has not been agreed on, though we are constantly nagged by the people who are moving into this house, they want to be in by next week for goodness sake, though the solicitors haven't done their job yet!  Every day for LS is sorting out cupboards, today we go to get old correspondence shredded at Witham.  Sunday he spent the afternoon listening to old tapes of his parents and grandparents.  Me, I'm sorted, mostly into baskets, the potted plants have been reduced in the garden so that there is not too much heavy stuff, do not water said the removal man last week, so we wait for dates and boxes......

We have always watched 'Heartbeat'  which is set in Goathland, in the evening, mostly for the music, and they always show a favourite spot of mine in the introduction, and of course when someone has to fall off a bridge it is Egton Bridge they do it at, there are three bridges to be precise, the pack horse one, railway and road.  You can tell it is March and very dull, probably cold as well from the following photos...

pack bridge over the River Usk

This is Robin's Hood Bay, typical little street of all the seaside villages on this part of the East coast, tiny cottages back to back huddled against each other.

 cheerful favourite photos of children....

North York Moors, their bleakness is fascinating

Me, slightly overawed by Northern cities, remember going to Ikea with Darron afterwards (LS please note Ikea is in Newcastle) to buy a table and chairs, and as we sat in a McDonalds saw the 'Angel of the North' from a distance. My one great trick at the university by the way was tripping over a pavement and falling, much to the amusement of Tom...

Newcastle, I went with my son-in-law to take Tom to visit the uni there, what fascinated me in this enormous city was the rabbits round the university and living on traffic islands, never seen that before.


  1. The places are familiar to me as I live up here - I agree with you that the area is fascinating - do hope you are soon on the move.
    My eldest grand-daighter went to Newcastle University and was very happy there - now is married and lives even further North in Glasgow.

  2. Tom chose London instead, but I really liked Newcastle uni, shame he didn't go there. Yes we are already for the move, LS peruses furniture catalogues for odds and ends, and of course shops around our district, he loves shopping ;). And to crown it all, Jan the collie, and would be mother of my pup is to be AI this week from a long dead champion collie - it's all go .


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