Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Waking up to a beautiful morning, we agree that it is just right for another visit to the recycle place, heavy bundles of magazines this time, all Britarch goes, and the boxful of Japanese magazines. Yesterday was a bit of a shock, the people who want this house want a moving date for next week, according to the estate agent They are not going to get it because our solicitor is still doing the 'searches'. This house is mostly empty of stuff we don't need, the last place to be tackled is the loft in the garage, a few boxes hopefully.
The studio houses the most books and four gigantic Japanese encyclopedias which are accompanying us.  The new house has no cupboard space or wardrobes, LS is talking of flooring the loft there, as it has proper steps up to it, then we can put a lot of the books from the studio up there.  We argue somewhat as to which studys for both of us, I want to be downstairs in the smaller room, but as he says we talk a lot to each other so therefore I should be upstairs near him, and I do need a craft room....
We have choice in four bedrooms, the en-suite bedroom (never did like such things) is to be the guest bedroom, the cottage furniture if the cottage is sold, will also fit nicely in as well. The car, which is fairly old, has just been serviced and MOTed but there is a large problem looming on the horizon about the failure of the camshaft because of its age, hopefully it will last a few more months.
Slowly we move towards moving!

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