Monday, May 11, 2015

Benches and Butterflies

The Tale of a Bench; Could be told in pictures, but on Saturday, some lads moved a bench from one end of the green to our end. putting it on the mound which is such a great attraction to children and adults.  As time went by we kept an eye on it, the council man this morning did not take it back to its usual place, probably H&S, or different people to do this job.
Many people have sat on this bench, over the last couple of days, it was even toppled over this morning by the boys going to school, but righted mysteriously sometime later, probably by a dog walker.  Fascinating said I, it reminded me of a moment in time when you could leave books on a bench and they would be picked up by a passer by and recorded by some organisation on the net, it never actually caught on round here.  Could be that the bench got here under its own steam, deciding it wanted a different outlook on life, its days are numbered of course, the council already knows about it absconding!

Butterflies: One thing I notice about this part of Essex is that there is no brimstone butterflies at this time of year, the garden in Bath always had them, echoing the daffodils which they had just replaced.
Orange tips are around in the garden as are the holly blues, always difficult to catch with their wings wide open showing that lovely deep blue.

At the woods the other day was this peacock butterfly basking in the sun...

This morning a sparrow hawk flew low over the green, I had been wondering why our doves seemed so spooked, the hawk was probably the reason, and we only have one coming down....


  1. The mysterious movable bench - hope it is told firmly to get back to its proper place.