Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday, 10th May - Never write in Stone

Where is the green and promised land I though might exist one day, actually I did not, even the Green Party hardly know where they are going.  But what has troubled me and plenty of others is the 'false' and scary nationalism that erupted under UKIP, and the stark silliness of Milliband and his stone; never ever write in stone! Stick with prehistoric cromlechs, they have managed to survive the millenia.  That is of course what Milliband lacked, maturity, the ability to tackle the real issues of poverty in this country, do I see 'zero contracts' on his tablet of promises, all I see is a vagueness  of aspirations projecting into the future, actually I am quite sorry for him, he is a 'geek' who could not even find the rhetoric to name his values.
LS wants to go up to Yorkshire to see the house, though I am not sure it is a wise move, as we should be moving at some stage soon.  Though the village is tiny, just opposite in one of the cottages there is a lady who will alter our curtains, and a husband who will put up curtain rods - joy, we have spoken to her on the phone, friendly and chatty....
It is weird how matters are conducted these days, mostly through emails, though there are always  actual papers to sign to formalise everything.  When we clear out the clutter of old correspondence, which is a boring affair, it does at least remind you of past times, but who can scroll through thousands of emails to find a (yes I do file in folders) particular communications, and where is the fun of a beautiful House of Commons letter from your MP when you decide to pick up pen and write your grievances - all gone.
I am tentatively looking at dogs in rescue homes online in Yorkshire, dearly love another collie but we will see, there does not seem to be many walking areas in the village, though you can walk by the river.

Coetan Arthur Cromlech hidden in a rocky landscape

Self  belief


  1. I'll bet you find loads of walking spots within a few weeks of living there Thelma - we are noted for all our walking spots up here. I do hope your move goes ahead soon. It is such a stressful time and yet when it is all done and all the stuff is sorted out and in place in its new home there is a sense of cleansing.

  2. True Pat, but I suspect the anticipation is tinged with fear of the unknown ;)