Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday 2nd

Almost empty, today I packed the dolls house furniture, my mind finally accepting that we are on the move soon.  Three boxes, a lot of memories tumbled out in their packing. Georgian house from Tridias toy shop, 30 odd years ago.  A traditional toy shop at the end of Walcot Street, long walk from the centre of Bath, now my grandchildren have technology to play with, all those fabulous hand puppets, Brio trains and wooden toys are tossed aside for games on the computer, they move on.  At least the house can have some jobs done to it whilst empty.  The curtains, the doors that need sanding down, and the front door wrenched off by Tom, when he was about 4 years old, now this year he is finishing his university course.
LS said, 'you haven't written anything today', probably because my mind was so full of memories.  I took him on a mind walk down into the city of Bath on a May day.  Bath has a music festival in May, the churches, Bath Assembly rooms, Guild hall and a host of pubs all host different venues.  The walk would start from the village of Weston, past the' millioniare' Weston Park, then through Victoria Park, strolling past the avenue of acid pink cherry blossom, then down through the cut to the Royal Crescent, which also hosted  musical events on its lawn, straight across to The Circus through the back alleys passing the Guild Hall, and the large antique centres, now probably closed down, where you could get a cup of tea in their small cafes.  Then the top of Milsom Street and the shops.  Jollys the department store dominated one side, the other had a small herbal shop called Culpeper, where you could get everything in scented oils, they ranged along the shelves, including the 'Bach' range, does 'Rescue Remedy' work I wonder.
But to return to the tiny furniture I so carefully packed away, little cakes that Claire in London had made from clay, a tall candlestick holder made by another friend who lived by Carew Castle in Wales, our group was active at one stage, creating in miniature the things needed.  Tiny birds that once must have belonged to Lotta's children, a small ship from Solva, my favourite seaside place.  The 'nursery where I had made a 'push trolley' for the baby now lacks the tiny bricks I had made, reminding me of the alphabet bricks I had cut and decorated for my daughter.
Yesterday it was the last clearance of the loft, loads of magazines thumped on the landing floor as LS threw them down, all Japanese art magazines,

They will probably be thrown away, which seems sad but there are two big boxes of them and they are not making the journey to Yorkshire.

Our china will be packed more neatly..


  1. I would be inclined to try and recycle those magazines in some way - either to a charity shop or perhaps put them in auction - there is a lot of knowledge there for someone.

    You conjured up Bath beautifully. I can remember going in Culpeper's many years ago (it seemed such a magic place) and the lovely doll's house shop too, just gazed in the window there! A touch of serendipity as in someone's display case at the Antiques Fair yesterday was a beautifully created miniature plate of small iced cakes . . .

    I hope that the move goes smoothly for you both and it was the right choice and you're not suddenly longing for Solva once you arrive in the Yorkshire heather!

    1. I shall always love Solva Jennie, but Paul has not had years of going there on holiday and we finally settled on Yorkshire. One of things I'll miss is the wild honeysuckle as you walk up to the Gribin the other is the walk down the lane to Middle Mill and the weaving shed, with the river curving through the meadow..

  2. I know from my own experiences of moving that sometimes it doesn't do to start reminiscing about what one is packing (or throwing away) - it all becomes a bit too painful. Do hope everything goes smoothly - it is a trying time.

    1. Well as long as it it brings back happy memories Pat it is not too traumatic, the problem with living in a world of dreams, reality has to creep in;)