Monday, May 11, 2015

A Journey to a Far Land

I have just fallen in love with these beautiful shepherd dogs, a life style so different from ours, but am not sure that I could live on mutton stew for life but the simplicity  of the shepherds seems a long way from ours.  On facebook I have a couple of Indian 'friends', and wise Bula Imam is one of them and it is a delight to wander round his landscape of India and listen to his musings, it was from him that I found the following link.

And to our world; Standing Stone comes from Bath, my home city once, and he in the tradition of all good protestors went up to London to video the protests that took place on Saturday.  There is some dissent in the country thank goodness, notice the police have refined their tactics as to 'kettling', a rather cruel practice of holding people for hours on end.....

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