Wednesday, May 18, 2016

18th May 2016

I haven not read much Emily Dickinson poetry, but coming across this news item of how the garden of their family home  in America is to be resurrected, I keep the link for future reference.  Besides poetry her gift for gardening and collecting plants must have played an important role in writing poetry

"Nature" is what we see—

The Hill—the Afternoon—
Squirrel—Eclipse— the Bumble bee—
Nay—Nature is Heaven—
Nature is what we hear—
The Bobolink—the Sea—
Thunder—the Cricket—
Nay—Nature is Harmony—
Nature is what we know—
Yet have no art to say—
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.

Emily Dickinson

What else? not much, THE FOOT found in Weston Park East, Bath sounds a bit like the film called The Mummy, a Hammer horror story, it resonates with me because this is the place I would walk my dog round Archery Field and then up the Lansdown, perhaps to Beckford Tower.  This rather gruesome discovery, may not be the result of a murder but a specimen from some laboratory, or a collector's private piece.  It has no DNA because it had been embalmed.  Did someone chuck it out of their loft into the dustbin and a passing fox thought 'mmm this looks interesting' but lost interest because it was a very thin leg.
DNA features in another case in Bath, this time Melanie Read, who was murdered in 1984.  The DNA found on her clothes was recognised in the DNA of the daughter of the murderer recently, and the man has gone on trial.  It still leaves the murder of Melanie Hall in 1996 unsolved though.

Enough of DNA and murders what else is there too worry about, well maybe this  - face recognition,  (oh and hi to the 700 Russian views last week, did you find anything interesting in this rambling blog?), the word nefarious springs to mind!

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  1. Iam a great Emily Dickionson fan and bought myself her complete works not long ago. Her poems are deceptively simple - she was a strange lady.

    Didn't know about the foot!!

  2. Love macabre stories about stray feet ;) Will read up on Dickinson, need some new books as well!