Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday 14th May

To stand alone in a field in England and listen to the morning chorus of the birds is to remember why life is precious.  John Lewis-Stempel - Meadowland.  Rather apt sadly.

Today a  photo of a finch, he must have just been killed on the road for he was warm when I picked him up yesterday, perfectly formed, rather heavy in my hand I carried him home to be buried.

The detail of perfection in the form of a finch is achingly beautiful, he needed music for his burial, his bright yellow form extinguished at an early stage in his life.  I shall not dwell on death though ;)  I have also been looking at the stitchwort in Marjorie Blamey's book, and have decided that the pink must be a catchfly of some sort, need a magnifying glass to analysis of course, but it is the time of red campion as well, all coming from the same Latin classification.

Yesterday we went to Whitby, me to pay the decorator for painting the sitting room at the cottage.  It is all a bit sad going back to Whitby remembering the times I have had with my family. Sitting in the Co-op car park I could see the steep hill up to their old house which the shopping had to be hauled up to.  Past the railway station, which Ben as a young child would demand to go in and then we all had to wait for a steam engine to come in, sometimes a long wait!

What else, the son of Eric Ravilious and Tirzah Garwood, James Ravilious was a very  good photographer.  Though I notice his books are expensive and his prints!

And things to remember and update occasionally!


  1. Looking back on the lives of one's children can often bring on feelings of sadness I think. Life goes past so quickly.

    1. True Pat, and it is all to the good that there is change in life. Just delivered Lucy for her first trim and bath!