Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday 4th May

This news, the oldest house in Britain, happens to be but a few miles down the road, though there is nothing much to see, as it is all underground.  Think at this stage of our history, we were joined to the land mass of Europe via Doggerland, wonder if we were still joined what our history would be today ;).  A detailed blog.

At last, the weather is warming up. though the chill wind, north-west continues to blow. Replanting seeds the courgettes got touched by the frosts and my pea seeds seem to have been eaten by mice in the cold frame.  The tulips, someone said they were called spring green open their petals, flowering is always so brief and yet we wait for that burst of colour, anticipating their beauty.

Grandchildren making pizzas at their home, Lillie spends hours shaping and forming, total absorption, last time a heart but then eats hers with no topping.  Children love cooking, (well most do), Lillie whenever she comes to us always makes the coffee, grinding the coffee beans and brushing the granules into the filter she has done it since she was small.  There is no argument with her, she grabs the stool and sitting next to you does her duty, she can be very helpful, laying the table handing round biscuits, most of which she will eat herself.  Matilda, the eldest, is a girl with grit, she has had problems with the length of her skirt at school, and so comes up against the head master, not the first head master she has challenged.  Apparently at her school you get 'seclusion' as a punishment, i.e sitting in a room by yourself.  When she did get a long skirt, there was a text back to her mum as she made her way to school 'look like a ----------- nun in this skirt.  She is actually very bright and creative but you just don't mess with her ;)

And, as our friend Roy negotiates for another excavation, this is one he did earlier....

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