Friday, May 27, 2016

27th May

Even the garden has weeds....
Today is friday nothing written on my blog since monday - life is quiet, the heavy cloud cover makes it dull and cold.  The government has to go into 'purdah' over the in/out options for Europe as from today, which should be interesting.  The family, or at least part of it, comes on Sunday, and LS has been working out how we are going to fit us all in the car for an outing, though I am contemplating getting a car  from the Kia agent down the road in Kirkbymoorside eventually, but of course I shall be adding to the burden I impose on the planet.
Ordered 4 books last week, two written by Rebecca Cope, already finished, she is off my list from now  on because I have sussed the way her plots work.  They seem to work round a female amateur sleuth and female murderers, all hale the new equality rule;).  The other two are Phil Rickman books, again a female sleuth, Merrily Watkins but a vicar this time.  I just like the somewhat gruesome element in his books.
I could write about the 4000 immigrants that arrived by boats on the European shores yesterday but I don't know where to start.  It seems that whole armies of young men are arriving on those shores and governments seems paralysed by what to do about them.  Is the world in such a tumultuous chaos that people are moving away from their own countries to seek better lives - all a terrible gamble.  Think it rests on one sad fact, there are just too many humans on this Earth.  In fact there are so many things to fight for, space for animals in the natural world, some dignity for these poor immigrants, corporate greed which is so endemic amongst the rich, we definitely need a socialist revolution - no I am not kidding on that!

Well there are some things to marvel at in the old world, Neanderthals playing with stalagmites 170,000 years ago approximately

Or this abandoned Japanese home with its 100 glass plate photographs that a modern day photographer found and superimposed the long dead family amongst the ruins of today.


  1. I wonder why is it that its mostly men...They should stay and fight for their country... what would've happened if during the war all our young men left because Hitler was going to invade us because they were scared ????

    1. I think it has been like that all through history, a surplus of young males and no jobs. In medieval times it was going to war or joining a monastery. Today, the glitter of the Western world calls, a need to make a living driven on by war in their own countries.....