Sunday, May 29, 2016


Sunday, the day for the language of leisure.” 
― Elfriede Jelinek

that is how I like my Sunday, switching off the continuous buzz of voices on the radio and concentrating on the papers or a book.
Breakfast I stand and watch the baby rabbit pop its head over the church wall and look down with interest on the green salady things in the cold frame, too far to jump thank goodness.  Cannot catch him on camera so Beatrix Potter comes to the rescue as Benjamin gathers onions....

It is definitely a rabbit warren round here, when we walk over the fields, half a dozen baby rabbits cluster round the edge of their burrow by the river.  There seems to be a buzzard hunting around every morning as well, mobbed by other birds.
Yesterday evening the tractors and trailers raced back and forward on the road till late bringing in trailer fulls of cut grass - silage maybe?  Someone said, Roy I think, that when you see the farmers collecting the grass (sad I can't say hay) it means dry warm weather for a few days.

The first rose has appeared, a faint drift of perfume, and Jennie has sent me a whole lot of aquilegia seeds to start off, one of my favourite flowers is the aquilegia from its dark purple tones that you find in the wild, down to the 'granny bonnets' through the pinks to white, and a yellow one to boot.

It is coffee time.


  1. It is a wonderful sunny day here too. We took ourselves to a nearby town for lunch and now herself is reading a new John Connolly book in the garden and me I am going for a nap.

    1. Sounds idyllic Heron, we have the family here, so no book reading for me.

  2. I'm glad they arrived safely Thelma, and I hope that they will all grow and bring much pleasure. The wild ones around here come in all sorts of colours - not just the very dark claret, but deep blue, white, pale pink, mid pink etc - I will try and get some photos.

    1. Thank you so much Jennie, there are so many seeds, I was going to look out my old photographs of the aquilegias I grew in Bath but have not had time yet.