Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday the 12th May

Last night LS called me upstairs to deal with what looked like a dead queen white tailed bee on the landing, but melting some honey in warm water and then soaking cotton wool in the mixture, the little bee gratefully drank from the concoction, out into the grave yard and she melted away into the night.
There are not as many bees and insects as one would like to see around but there are plenty of wild flowers for the nectar.  The trees are starting to turn green, and the small white beads of buds on the hawthorn are waiting to flower.  All this happens overnight of course, one moment there are just the stark branches and then the tightly furled buds of leaves seem to explode. A marvellous time of year.

the river greening up

wild ransom flower
white stitchwort

pink stitchwort

There are the two dead nettles - white and red

This is I think the invasive - Policeman's helmet or Himalayan Balsam

The vetch is making an appearance alongside the docks

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