Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday 17th May

A visit to Nunnington church this morning, which is 13th century but much improved, nothing of outstanding importance, which for me means no A/S or Scandinavian.  The village of Nunnington is pretty, LS said it reminded him of Castle Combe.

We went for a walk along the footpath to Stonegrave, I am always on the lookout for wild flowers but nothing of note except great views to the Howardian Hills and maybe Melilot, a planted cherry tree along the way, see plenty of cherry trees in Yorkshire.  Also, this is a grumble, why do people plant tulips and daffodils out in the countryside, there is no need, cultivated flowers live happily in gardens whereas out in the wild they can look silly, we came across dark, almost black tulips in the verge.

Drove through Harome, sounds like your clearing your throat, almost stopped at the pub, but this time I wanted a cup of tea with a piece of cake so we drove on to Helmsley.  There is a tea place by the walled garden, always popular, so we had to sit inside in the hot conservatory.

Nunnington Church

Obligatory knight in church

Fields of rape, but where are the bees?



LS wanted this for the wisteria, but it does not show up clearly

Helmsley Castle


  1. From looking close up at your photo of the yellow-flowered plant, it isn't melilot--which grew in great swaths along the dirt roads of my childhood. I didn't know the correct name for years, we called it yellow clover. I am intrigued with wild plants, always wanting to identify, but often the descriptions in my 'flower books' or online leave me frustrated.

  2. It is difficult to recognise them from books, the drawings always look so different. Perhaps I will try online, I am turning over a new leaf trying to identify plants - closer inspection!