Thursday, May 19, 2016

Wandering along the Edge.

On edges; think of verges along the road, or that small patch of land. a triangle maybe, where farming and its chemicals cannot get to,  the banks of a river.  There is even a book called 'Edgelands', critiqued by Robert McFarlane (who else)  though I think this is more to do with those waste pieces of land around towns.
My edges are of course the spaces round the village, following a trail of for-get-me-nots along the verge. escapees from gardens.  Actually I wish it would escape into our garden, I love the sheen of blue, same way I loved the way brunnera macrophylla which is a good ground cover, with its sharper blue.
Things I notice here as far as trees are concerned, that there are  cherry trees planted along the edge of the fields, and as you drive along the roads, white-pink blossoms show either apple or quince in the hedgerow.
So the walk today, LS greeted us that we had been a long time out but I do love to mooch and my canine friend, she who looks like a proper gun dog here mooches alongside of me.  Shame she never liked the sound of the gun, of course it is not a shame, we would never have ended up owning her...

Flowers still are in the white range, cow parsley, another parsley probably meadow with much thicker flower panicles, and of course the large hog weed leaf are making a showing..  I suspect that if you looked more closely at this photo you would also see the dreaded ground elder.

This is a crab apple tree

Planted bluebells in the copse

Apple blossom in the old orchard
This small copse adjoining a garden and orchard is what I mean by 'edge' the drifting of cultivated plants as probably the bluebells are, and definitely the snowdrops and daffodils.   We 'improve' everything from plants, trees, animal, think of all those 'naive' paintings of fat pigs and large cows, always pushing the smaller creatures/plants to the fence.

Garden in the village

The other tulips, which I am sure I did not order
Pretty blue flower which I would love to know its name.


  1. My husband is very particular in keeping the verges of our lane mowed. I understand this as in our climate weedy things are terribly invasive. I do enjoy an up close look at wildflowers before they fall to the mower blades--insignificant enough that they would be lost in a proper garden, they are worthy of admiration.

  2. I think Sharon we always look for the spectacular in the wild plants, but so many of them are tiny and nondescript. Our lawn is the old field, and is filled with creeping buttercup. A new lawn mower today, the other packed it in a couple of days ago.

  3. Love your happy little wooden duck - I've got one but it doesn't look half as happy as yours - love your pictures too - what a beautiful walk you and Lucy have each day xxx

  4. Hi Trudie, actually he is a china one, already had his head snapped off so lives in a perilous state. True both of us enjoy our walk, though Lucy is not the greatest walker on this earth;) xxx