Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday 23rd March

 Yesterday a Cornish friend sent a couple of videos of wells by Duloe village, which also has a fabulous stone circle. The local Cornish group were holding a pagan moot there.  That part of the ceremony was not filmed for obvious reasons but as Roy explained the history of the well, my mind slipped back to its magic and the people who are happily devoted to the Celtic traditions, and dowsing by the way.  Never forget the world is made up of many things.
Cornish prehistory lies thick on the ground, saints are everywhere to be found, some would argue that it is 18th/19th century antiquarians who have named these places but St.Keyne Well has a lovely little story which you can find here.
Myths, I have been reading Humphrey Carpenter's analysis of the 'Inklings'  a look at Tolkien and Lewis and their friends and work..............

The Inklings were a gathering of friends – all of them British, male, and Christian, most of them teachers at or otherwise affiliated with Oxford University, many of them creative writers and lovers of imaginative literature – who met usually on Thursday evenings in C.S. Lewis’s college rooms in Oxford during the 1930s and 1940s for readings and criticism of their own work, and for general conversation. ..........

Lewis had converted to Christianity, but had problems with the whole concept of religion, he saw faith and belief in gods as a necessity but that the Jesus saga had followed the earlier stories, especially Northern pagan of the dying of the god.  In fact religion was founded on mythological stories carried forward.  Well the 'Inklings' had a very satisfying life of discussion and criticism amongst the hallowed portals of Oxford - being intellectual!

The greenery, ferns and moss of this damp secretive well invites you in, it already has the trappings of worship festooned on its shrubs, I remember them well when we visited in April a couple of years ago and it must have been near Easter.


  1. Duloe is my favourite stone circle. A friend is visiting next week and I'm more than envious!

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    2. Hi Arilx, here is a video I shot last year at Duloe stone circle which should bring back a memory or two for you. Regards, Roy

  2. Think it was more a burial cairn of a leader of the time, it is too small for a proper stone circle. Nicors/Nickers above...

  3. The scent of the wild garlic was quite over-powering at the well on Tuesday Thelma. Roy x

  4. Only time I ever ate any wild garlic Roy and it gave me stomach ache. But would have loved to have been there for the moot ceremony. X