Wednesday, March 14, 2018


The day arrives with a beautiful sunrise, the birds come down to feed, and my injured wing jackdaw hops merrily about amongst the great yellow beaked crows.  Perhaps I shall call him Jack.

Massive Solar storm Well that sounds dramatic but then newspaper headlines normally are.

The arrival of the solar storm coincides with the formation of 'equinox cracks' in Earth's magnetic field, which form around the equinoxes on March 20 and September 23 every year.

Well that is a fact that I never knew, could it be that the prehistoric stones I take such a delight in were illuminated at times by these green lights altering the behaviour of the neolithic people to take note on their calendars.  Leading on to Stonehenge, which is always in the news on the decision to tunnel a road nearby.  

But there were times when Turner, Piper and Gertrude Hermes painted  these famous stones in quieter times.  Stonehenge is part of the tourist trail now, bordered by a busy road the whole conceptual presence of great sarsen stones has been swept away by modern life and commercialism

Gertrude Hermes

Gertrude Hermes
As for John Piper.....


  1. Love the Piper.
    Interesting that the injured Jackdaw has survived - although they are very tame (The Jackdaw of Rheims being one of my favourites) - usually they are quickly caught by a predator. Hope you manage to keep him.

  2. Funnily enough he is actually very scared and I have to put food here there and everywhere. But he hops up various pots to get into the graveyard and has a hole under the fence to the copse, so he seems too want to survive.


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