Monday, March 19, 2018

Prickly presents

Robin Tanner woodcut - Primroses and Wren

Well I do have something to post today.  A knock on the door, large box from Interflora, and a great prickly cactus emerged.  The funny thing was I had just mentioned buying a cactus to Paul as he had taken one of the cyclamen pot plants for his study - weird.  The cactus was from my daughter, almost at the end of her divorce proceedings and grateful for help.  A milestone to be recorded.

The weather has calmed down though still a cold wind, the birds are still around, especially Jack our injured jackdaw, you would think that I could have thought him a more original name.  This morning when I looked out four hen pheasants sat on the church wall obviously hungry.  Two can just be discerned below.


  1. Super cactus Thelma.
    Do you think Jack's wing will recover or is he doomed to be land bound for ever?

    1. Well he is very good at surviving, but yes if the wing is broken he will be land bound till the sparrowhawk gets him.

  2. Sorry about the challenge your daughter is facing. Cactus is really stronf looking.

  3. Legally it is over though the court has not released the papers yet. But she is very brave and I am very proud the way she is independent and supports her children.


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