Sunday, March 11, 2018


Today is Mother's Day, as I never had an actual mother but stepmothers the event will pass me by! It doesn't worry me, if it had I would have looked for that mother who had to give me up and called me Janet on my birth certificate.  She went on to create a new life and a family for herself.
I have chatted to my two children happy in the knowledge that they and my grandchildren are the forward motion of my life, regretting the past is not a good thing.
And what a lovely day it is outside, the hens are roaming the churchyard, Lucy has been for a walk. All the women (many old) that attended church this morning came away with bunches of flower, wonder if that is down to the new vicar.
Life is quiet, we had a Chinese takeaway last night, the restaurant/pub at Amoerby was overrun by people coming for their takeaways.  Sometimes I find it surprising that there are so many Indian and Chinese restaurants in these small market towns.  How many times have you heard the French say that food is terrible in England, why don't we have French restaurants around I wonder to redress the balance? or are they scared, but what with fish and chips shops we don't do too badly. 
Watched Giles Coren (restaurant critic in The Times) faffing around in a really over the top hotel in Oman I think last night.  Crazy money £12,000 a night for a suite, the views were awe-inspiring though.  Actually beginning to like Coren, he has a funny sense of humour, it must be really hardwork going out to restaurants all the time!


  1. We all have "mothers" of some type or other in our life and we should recognize that brief or lengthy help they have given us. Many biological mothers are not what the image portrays.

  2. That is true Tabor, my first was an Italian maid we had, Louise - She would shin up the old fruit trees in the garden throwing down the fruit. Even when married she would take us to the park and breastfeed her baby much to my embarassment.;) She looked after my puppy for a couple of days and I always remember her moaning - he s***, s***, s*** everywhere. Poor creature had distemper and died.

  3. Re Mother's Day - as my friend remarked at lunch today (she is not at all religious) - it is a religious festival and is called Mothering Sunday - she has (by choice) no children and yet 'mothers' many - of all ages - in so many ways. I would have never got through the last year without her love. Best to look at it from that angle.
    Re restaurants. Our little town is small - only just over two thousand inhabitants - we have a Chinese and an Indian, a Pizza take away and pubs doing a variety of dishes. We - four of us - eat out every Sunday at the same restaurant where the chef - Thierry- is French - the cooking is superb. We are so lucky where eating out is concerned.

  4. I think that is very true Pat, there are a few people in my life that have always stood out. As for restaurants, we have Harriet's food next door, plain cooked but with lashings of everything. Watching people tuck in to an enormous platter is scary. Paul and I have small appetites and can easily share one meal.


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