Monday, March 22, 2021

22nd March 2021

The day has dawned full of sunshine, but just before the sun woke up, there was that apricot glow and as the mists rose gently from the land,  the 'awakening of Earth' became a reality.  Enough of that, forget drear news, concentrate on people doing something as you can see in the video below, John D Liu exploring the art of regenerating the ecology of over-used landscapes, so that they become once more fertile and green.  Note also that the Chinese have also had a hand in this.

Sikkim, India

The first story that came to my attention a few days ago was the small territory of Sikkim in India, where the government had funded a return to 100% organic growing of food. Just like that, do we hear anything about it? No, we have our noses stuck  in the perambulations of Europe's political force, whereas there are definitely other things happening on other continents. 

'Crush their butts', came to mind as I lay in my hot bath this morning, taken from an early blog   an introduction to Smokey Bear blog in which the sentiment of keeping the fight going and not giving up is the goal to achieve.


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