Thursday, March 18, 2021

Thursday 18th March 2021

BBC radio 3 has just played The Lark Ascending' by Vaughan Williams a capture of an England that is long gone but which has never been surpassed.  It reminds me of the skylark's song over the Bath Downs, rising into the air, spiralling upwards, as they try to draw you away from their precious nests.

The weather is so cold and grey that it is difficult to face life with hope for the summer.  Murrmurrs made me smile this morning, as she so often does.  Her intelligent but funny writings are a good read.  Irene, my neighbour, who came round to deliver Morrison's dog biscuits for Lucy the other day, (Lucy is a choosy bitch) and won't eat any other than these.  To get back to what I was going to say, we both agreed that the latest scare as to blood clots was a risk one should be prepared to take as it is for the greater good of the community we get our jabs.  Funny old business the EU trying to grab our vaccines, and yet we hear that Astro-Zeneca jab which is supposed (and not yet been proved) to cause the clot and which several countries are refusing on very shallow findings are the ones the EU president wants to grab. a 'shot across the bows' is how we interpret it.

Murrmurr mentions the polio sugar lump we had to take as children  and the rest of the vaccines we have had over the years.  Well I had the sugar lump, but went down later with what looked like polio, all I can remember is the doctors coming to visit me like some prize exhibition.  High temperature, pains in my limbs but I got better in the end.

The fact of the matter is living is a dangerous occupation, we don't expect to be struck down but our bodies undergo a fair bit of use, and then there is always the unexpected of course, something fell from Space the other day and landed upon someone's drive, it could easily have hit a person but did not.

And here is a poem, picked up along the way.  I am sure Pat will like it and Yorkshire Pudding as well.

This photo is a favourite, taken by the wild Rowan trees that grow along the beck at Wheeldale.

Rabbiting" Richard Armer:

"You don’t grow old in Yorkshire.
The Dales are ageless too.
You’ll walk amongst the heather, drift into a different age.
The gorse and bracken timeless they free you from the cage.
The rivers, streams and tarns will forever fill your dreams.
So take a walk up the fell and be a child for good.
A day amongst the Yorkshire wild will leave you feeling how you should."


  1. I just read Murrmurr's blog. You are right - she is good.

    1. I think there are a lot of American women that have clever ways of saying things. I admire the sharp wit.

  2. Replies
    1. Sometimes I get muddled by what poetry is supposed to look like, perhaps it is more prose in the praising of the Dales.

  3. It has been so cold and rainy here all day it was all I could do to take out the trash. I hope it gets better soon, so I can enjoy my jab.

    1. I only take my rubbish out once a month, also recycled stuff. But the weather will slowly get better Joanne, have faith!

  4. Thanks for sharing that poem Thelma. Co-incidentally, my great great grandfather's given profession was "rabbit catcher". He worked up on Irton Moor above Scarborough.

    It is both infuriating and stupid how certain EU leaders have spouted off about the AstraZeneca vaccine with no scientific basis for their remarks. By stoking the flames of anxiety they have, in a roundabout way, become killers.

  5. Yes the consequences are on the news this morning with people in this country not turning up for jab appointments. There seems the beginning of an unholy fight over vaccine ownership in the different countries as well. Plain sailing it never was.
    Rabbit stew was similar to chicken of course, my grandfather occasionally went out shooting and there would be rabbits hanging up in the garage.


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