Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday 12th March 2021


Well in like a lamb out like a lion.  Only reversed of course, and we are now heading for the middle of the month, you know what I am talking about - the weather.  So perhaps the end of the month will be quiet?

Amazon left a parcel on my doorstep, son's Mother's day present.  He emailed the photo of it on the front porch - technology!  Just seen on the news that the Royal Mail is thinking of going big in parcels as well, also delivering on Sundays.  Have absolute trust in the Royal Mail delivering some of my parcels, think it must be the longevity of the institution.  A foolish British pride.

In all that wind yesterday, Rod and his wife came and mowed the lawns. Looks a bit crappy, and I feel guilty because really lawns should be left to look like wildlife meadows as Monty Don says.  But then this is the occupation of this couple and their 'bread and butter'.  Rod left me with a problem, since the death of the church warden and the closing of the church, no one has come through from the church to give him the contract for this year's mowing the grave yard.  I know he mentions this for me to do something about it, so maybe I shall have to phone the previous church warden and see what happens.

I want to get rid of lots of books, looked at Zippit and see their prices are very low for once read immaculate hardbacks that I am not going down that route, neither Ebay.  But will charity shops take all of my books I wonder.

Must let the bantams out, already released a blackbird caught up in one of the runs and being chased back and forth by the cat.  Released safely and cat fed!

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