Monday, March 8, 2021

Monday 8th March

 Catching up and recording.  Well this morning took the car in for a service and ended up with different  service car to my Kia.  Drove the Vauxhall home and then found I could not reverse, the gear refused to change. Sat on the drive worrying as usual then phoned the garage up, there is a button under the gear stick he said laughing, sure enough found the gear.

That was not the only thing to happen early morning, went out to let the hens out, and all Rachel's sheep were peering at me over the church wall, they had escaped!  Still early, went round to Rachels and rang the bell, disturbing their two dogs who set off barking.  Everyone obviously still in bed  but Rachel appeared at the bedroom window, and I explained that the church gates were shut but I thought daffodils might be poisonous to sheep and as I left for the garage they were rounding up their little flock, who are very tame of course.

The bantams are to go next weekend, Rosina phoned up and said could they come and collect last weekend but it was a bit rushed, so her farmer husband will come down with a trailer and take the runs, coop and hens.  The cat will be sad of course. But then her fate must be decided as well.  

I have just seen a lovely little terraced house in Mytholmroyd to rent but realise it is too early too move, and could I live in a town/village with such a difficult name to pronounce let alone spell?  My son has offered to up the rent payment to a tidy sum for Bath, but all I have seen is shabby little apartments at the top of the Georgian houses....

So I continue to sort books, trying not to throw out everything, the daffodils on the table in front of me are dying.  There is some sort of miracle that takes place with the tightly budded flowers you buy, then you pop them into a vase of water and they open within the day.


  1. I shall be so sorry to see you go Thelma. Although you don;t live all that close, as the crow flies it is not all that far away and while you are there I harbour the hope that maybe we might meet one day. Now the bantams are gone and my car is gone things begin to look a distant hope.

    1. Yes Pat it is so sad, we have both aged with time and of course the pandemic did not help. But we still have our blogs to comment on. X

  2. You would get used to spelling and pronouncing "Mytholmroyd" if you had to and you really liked the place. My street name is "Pottowattomie" and it always gets a comment when I have to spell it out for people. Took a long time for my kids to learn their address but I have lived here for over 30 years so...!
    Hope you find your spot!

    1. I expect so Ellen but I had difficulty with Todmorden for years and always picked upon by my grandchildren for getting things wrong. I think Pottowattomie must have five syllables to pronounce, difficult indeed.


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