Saturday, September 23, 2023

23rd September 2023 - Talking of gods

A temple screen.  Fish swim over the bridge for good fortune. 

Talking of gods: There are many of them Greek, Roman, Scandinavians, etc, etc.  Paul used to have them dotted round the house, little gods for everything.  In the kitchen above the stove, in the library room where he would ring the ringing bowl on Sunday.  I don't think he was religious it was just part of habit and ritual.

There are many temples and gods in Japan, great trees are decorated with rope and the gateway to the many temples through which you enter takes you to a different realm.

Last night there was a shock, a private matter of one of the family who has taken a decision which was very surprising and sad.  I lit candles as a vigil and also as a mark of respect.

I think belief is individual and that we accept whatever other people think is right for it is their decision.

The other day I had an email from Paul's cousin, to see how I was faring.  In it he mentioned that he had an article about Paul's time in Japan. I remembered I had a similar article, but could not find it - despair.  But then I carefully sifted through my bookcase and found it and one day I will copy it on to file to be read.  

A garden Boddhisattva

Who is my favourite god, well it is not Gaia, think I would choose Woden, who has such lovely stories told of him, I shall find one of them soon.  Glad some books didn't go to Oxfam but I took the family silver to them;)

And why I don't believe in gods.........

And I have just discovered a comment from Tom Stephenson below the above 'Roman Temple' blog which I did not answer but it pleases me to know someone recognised the work I put into that blog. Chuckle

You have refreshed my sense of good luck that I live in the middle of all this. I have reset great blocks of stone which were the portal between the Temple Precinct and the Great Bath, finding Celtic artefacts underneath it. I park my car on Walcot Street, and I often wonder what lies underneath it, like the body of Richard the Third in that car park.


  1. Gods. I've been introduced to many over the years, but we haven't kept in touch.

  2. Well I must have absorbed them at one point in my life John. They are stories of course made up to moralise, or for power and supremacy. They are 'luck' symbols or 'curses', take your pick.

  3. I like the mischievous deity that runs around the monks in Tibetan religious processions - the dark opposite which exists in all of us. The monk who personifies him has to train alone for weeks before being taken over by his spirit. It's a dangerous job apparently.

  4. Haven't met many 'dark spirits', think they have gone underground in the cabinet office! Perhaps indigenous people have the right attitude to life, they bring their ghosts and ancestors to the feast. That is not quite true, just remembered the 'hungry ghosts' in Japan, don't ask what they eat.

  5. I like the idea of lighting candles as a vigil - the candlelight is soothing and helps to get one in the right frame of mind. I always think that living alone means I never have to go on retreats as I can meditate and think deeply whenever I wish. But when something sad happens and grief or deep sadness enters the equation then the soothing light is helpful.

  6. Candles are good for meditating though if there is a slight draught in the room you can be distracted Pat. And as you say it directs the mind when it experiences grief.

  7. I hope your secret family matter does not adversely affect you.

  8. No Joanne, I just worry for the people it will affect.

  9. I believe in powers greater than ourselves but at this point in my life, feel no need to anthromorphize them. I think that sitting quietly to look squarely at your grief allows you time to wisely decide how to best help the people who will be affected by this decision.

  10. 'Powers greater than ourselves'. Not sure there is really anything out there in space that has power Debby. The grief you feel for others as they face lonely journeys is painful but doesn't help those taking the journey I think.

  11. Sure there is. Maybe instead of power, I should have used the word force.


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