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19th April 2024

Here I sit drinking coffee with Mollie glaring at me sitting at the window.  What have I done? Given her one of the tins she doesn't like.  So when she gets cross, she will do something wicked in her estimation.  Either claw the settee or the carpet.  If I tell her to stop, I sometimes get an angry very loud reply.  The battle of food has begun!

A name came to mind this morning, an author I had read years ago, the word esoteric would perhaps be applied to him.  He is described as a mythologist, spanning the world between archaeology and myth.

I read a lot at one time, and because of my blog was able to record the books I read.  Perhaps a name would be in order, Michael Dames, he published a lovely book on Ireland which I can still remember, and he tackled Silbury Hill as well. It is his book on Silbury Treasure that I must have read, it is full of imaginary vision.  Making Silbury into a mother goddess and whether you want to believe that or not (I don't) but it definitely stretches the mind.  

I wrote a lot about it at the time, especially as English Heritage was tunnelling into the hill to mend a hole that had mysteriously appeared at the top.  Alisdair Whittle had written a book on what was found inside, a concise thorough archeological survey - Sacred Mound, Holy Rings - which I managed to get from the library, he listed the plant material, you will find it here, the plants buried beneath the chalk material of the hill.  You will find that there were 'strings' radiating across an inner barrow which was outlined with small stones.



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