Saturday, June 13, 2015

13th June


And now to something different, something I hardly write about, being a 'granny'.  They give me great pleasure my grand children, each so different, especially in their growing up.   Today is Lillie's birthday, will she be the hippy of the family I wonder, she wanders along in her own world, dressed  always in  flamboyant colours . She will not conform, adores chocolate cake, spends hours eating her meals often alone because the family will desert her in exasperation as she idly plays with her food, you cannot change her there is a stubborn streak there.

When she was little she bossed her older brother round really badly, and he took it with a gentle humour, she would order him out of the room sometimes, or to sit next to her in the car so that she could fall asleep on his shoulder.  'Go away Tom, I don't like you' would easily fall from her lips, but in reality as she grew she adored Tom, and one of the nice things on Facebook is to see Tom's avatar, she has just rushed to hug him on a return from Uni - their kinship is sealed.

One of my favourite photos when they were little was of them playing miniature golf at Ruswarp, she stands there so little and yet she is  desperately trying to be part of the older children's gang.

So happy 9th birthday Lillie, all of you grow at such a pace but I am immensely proud of you all...


  1. She looks a little sweetie Thelma. Make the most of her because they grow up so quickly. Mine are now 28,26 and 21.

  2. Well she seemed to have fallen asleep on their sofa last night full of birthday chocolate cake after a day out in Leeds.

  3. Grandchildren envy. Mine are not even any closer than the dim and distant future I fear. Happy Birthday Lillie - always be a one-off!

  4. With two daughters I am sure it will happen one day Jennie, they are a godsend and thank you for the birthday wishes, she has loads on facebook.