Friday, June 19, 2015

And it's Friday

Two thirds through of packing, LS's studio was the worst, though he did all of it, notice some things should still go into boxes.  I cleared all the kitchen cupboards yesterday, produced some problems
when it came to cooking the meal later on! No rolling pin, used a beer can, no grater, chopped very finely.
But the cupboards are empty, when sorting through cupboards you learn to throw away, and so two car loads of stuff down to the recycling place.  Also, my second going over the shed has reduced enormously heavy things; stuck a sign to the gate 'new bike going free' no takers yet.. Book boxes are very heavy, feeling sorry for the removal men already 

need boxing

Square boxes hide the fact that a lot of the stuff was round, heavy, awkwardly shaped

Again, because our neighbour Keith is away for a few days have to water his garden, so I have sorted out some large pots for the tomato plants he is growing, hopefully he will take them.  Our other neighbour who is also a Keith (we call them major and minor), goes away with his wife to Spain for 6 winter months of the year in their enormous motorhome,  LS usually keeps an eye on their house. The new people who are buying this house, from London, should be able to integrate, they are very quiet, and have friends and relatives around here.
The 'exchange of contracts' came on Wednesday afternoon as I was talking to my daughter so she got to be part of the news, she is now already talking about meeting in York for shopping days, she must have forgotten my hatred of shopping.  But it will probably be easier to catch the train at Malton to York then take the car, York is such a central hub for trains, and it is very easy for her to, as she always uses trains.


  1. If you change your mind about train to York Thelma, York has a marvellous Park and Ride Scheme which takes all the aggro out of a trip. Is the move happening soon now?

  2. Next tuesday, hope everything will be packed! LS spent an hour on the phone with BT just now cancelling/starting a new number; broadband is much slower up there out in the sticks ;)