Monday, June 22, 2015

22nd June - what a kerfuffle

Penultimate day; Still stuffing odds and ends in boxes.  Some time of today is devoted to ordering some bedroom furniture and finding out delivery, of course that means music for half an hour and an automated voice, banes of our modern world.  Then of course the new large dining table that has also been ordered as well, been trogging around with the wax in my handbag for the last few days - table to be waxed immediately so said the man at the shop.  We have no bedroom furniture for the new house, it was all fitted here, but we have two joiners in the village for building fitted wardrobes at some stage.  Then there is the unplugging of phones, two routers for separate companies, and that means internet connection will be cut off soon.  BT arranged the other end for two weeks time, broadband is slower up there, but better than Newton-on-Rawcliffe village where you had to go through 'Billie the radio'.  My constant companion is a notebook as I record dates.
All very scary   :-) but it will be over soon.....

Closing down for a few days ;-)


  1. Sounds as though you will disappear from blogland for a week or two - shall be thinking of you.
    The farmer says best of luck coping with the weather up here - straight from the Urals he says.

  2. That made me laugh, Paul hates the cold, but we seem to have half a tank of oil going at Church House, and when we get some wood, there is a wood stove to keep the chill off.

  3. A very auspicious day to move on for 22nd June this year is Summer Solstice!
    Many druidic blessings on you all and on your new abode of health, wealth and harmony.

  4. Thank you Heron for your wishes, and you are quite right there is a certain excitement moving around the time of Summer Solstice, there is a certain amount of fluidity in the date of course.

  5. All the best on the move, Thelma. Next comes the "living out of boxes" phase ;-)

  6. Good luck with the move, and I look forward to hearing about your new adventures "oop North"!