Saturday, June 20, 2015


I have a few moments, waiting for stuff to fill the three half full boxes.  So I shall allow myself a ramble around the blogs.  In actual fact the personal blog is an anomaly that has only developed over the last few years, you may call it a 'stream of consciousness', except that it is best not to hurt others.
My blog list reveals ordinary people just chattering away, filling in their lives, being happy with the things around them.  There are the occasional blog that seems to be written in a stratosphere far removed from one's own life, I call it 'The Laura Ashley conundrum', which seems to live in a refined Western culture world, without taking heed that the majority of the people worldwide are poverty stricken.  Now I don't think we can do much about that except consume less and also I won't use the word 'class' in the hope that such things as that will die a decent death.

There is a distinct difference between male and female writing, stating the obvious of course, men are better raconteurs, whereas women fill in the detail.  The younger you are, what becomes obvious the more emotion is expressed and that is where trouble starts.  I belong to forums, where the young males give way  to strong language, I am never quite sure whether in their raving for better justice in the world is for themselves or for the people around us.  Of course there is terrible social injustice and inequality in this country, but no matter how much we yell it will continue, the only way to create a perfect world is to turn to a strict, probably state of communism, which will definitely not be agreeable to all.  I have always believed in what I call the 'balance of state', a yin/yang compromise, on Earth it is called homeostasis.  

Being the target of abuse several years ago was upsetting, but the only thing that I learnt was to stick in there and ignore, their nasty problem it belonged to them not to me.  I learnt to become neutral in my language, and I believe that the best way is to become less subjective in argument and just address the subject of the argument without rancour.

Back to work listening to my favourite bird...


  1. There should be no shortage of your favourite bird when you move up here Thelma. Our fields are full of them. In answer to your question do we eat rabbit pie - no I am afraid we don't - at present many of our baby rabbits are in deep throes of myxamatosis - it is terrible to watch their slow and painful death. When ever the farmer sees one he puts it out of its misery.
    I love your post today - deep and thoughtful and I do so agree with your sentiments expressed. Have you a moving date yet?

  2. Hi Pat, this coming tuesday the 23rd, the removal people take our stuff on that day, and then next day they will drive down to Normanby and unload. We shall stay at a hotel overnight, then arrive before them, All a great kerfuffle with leaving/collecting keys. Forgot about the myxamtosis. What horrors we wreak in the world without thought, it is terrible that it should persist for so long.