Monday, June 15, 2015

We are moving........................

Well it is all on, sitting drinking our coffee at ten, the phone rings, exchange of contracts today, (edit; not quite, in two days time) we are to be out on the 23rd at 2.0.clock.  We sit there rather breathless looking at each other, no going back now!  I have just boxed all my old books, wondering if I should have been more savage in my culling, too late now.

Weekend was spent in a low key mode, wondering whether Michael's (our solicitor) sharply worded email to the other solicitor would work, of course it did.  I like Michael, a laid back Whitby solicitor, who will chatter for a long time, me worrying about whether we have to pay a couple of hundred pounds an hour for niceties. He already holds the deeds to the cottage for that business when it gets to be sold again, a nice business acuity  When we first started LS was phoned up by one of those hybridised firm of solicitors, they act like call centres, 'no' he said firmly, 'I want someone I know'......

We are moving into an area we already know, Whitby with it's new Sainsbury/Homebase, the local recycling (so useful), and Pickering with its Lidl and Co-op.  The Yorkshire countryside so different from this southern busyness, will be much cooler I expect, must knit LS some more jumpers.  There are shops that we like in Whitby, Boyes where you can get everything and the kitchen sink, Yorkshire Trading has also the same benefit, a lot of tat on offer of course, and then there is Botham's the baker, supplier of bread, savouries and chocolate cake of course.

Restaurants come and go in Whitby, The Magpie, famed for its fish and chips always stays, though you can get plenty of other fish dishes there.  LS of course loves pubs, we go to the Jolly Sailor there for its cheap beer but the cottage is surrounded by pubs, though strangely when you live in a yard the sounds of the streets do not penetrate, unless they walk by the entrance to the yard.


  1. Phew Thelma - that must be a great relief for you both. I hope that everything goes smoothly and you settle in well in your new home. It helps to know an area well before moving there (as we hope to do in Herefordshire IF we ever sell this house).

    Mind you, Tam now has a Yorkshire boyfriend and (fingers X'd) they seem to be getting on well, so she may well be staying up there permanently . . . Perhaps we should think of moving to Yorkshire too!!!

  2. Yes Jennie, but there is still packing to be done.. All I would say about moving near to your children is be careful they don't move away again, like my family did from Whitby. So Tam might be settled sounds good, 'grown children' are so restless.