Saturday, June 6, 2015

6th June 2015

We have been up and around since 5 this morning not actually doing much except general household stuff.  But I did manage to sort out three bags of books which will go to the Oxfam bookshop next week.  Also got LS to open the 'secret space' for the black box which houses the Chinese tea set, and now it is packed and ready for transport.

Paper thin, hand painted with wistaria flowers, there are only 8 cups left, and more saucers, though two broken, they snuggle happily in their red silk box.  A  present from Lotta Opper, from her grandparent's adventure in China, such a long time ago.  The other thing I have is a beautiful silk embroidered dragon and flowers piano cover.  The silks have all gone grey, colour has long vanished but it is beautiful.   In Bath I hung it up as a 'tapestry' on the wall.

We are off to lunch soon, last visit to The Cat's pub for a ploughman's lunch, saves LS cooking a meal tonight ;).


  1. Did you ever use these lovely cups? I have one or two pieces of old china which I love but which never see the light of day - sad really. My hand is very shaky so if I did have it out I would most likely break it.

  2. No Pat, they are very fragile, I broke one and put the set away for years with a guilty conscience.