Monday, June 1, 2015

Ongoing 1 - Wheeldale

Following through on the Wheeldale Roman road and the two cists which adjoin, or at least cut through by the making of the road.  Photos taken from Hayes and Rutters research report; 1964

The capstone on 4n is missing now

I suppose one should say that honouring the Bronze Age deaths were not part of the Romans/other priorities, but a distinctive marking of the road for surveying.

Whenever one looks at ancient monuments, it is always wise to remember that they could have been 'robbed' in times past, this photo of  1912 the stretch of Roman road seems to have much larger stones, but over time robbing for walls, houses and the hardcore for modern roads, can remove all trace.


  1. Not sure what you could spin from those furry pigs Thelma unless it was pan scrapers or door mats! But weren't they lovely - especially the runt.

  2. A grossly underestimated animal the pig, intelligent though very greedy. Must admit the fibre looked too tightly curled and dirty for spinning ;)

  3. Interesting post again Thelma. You are absolutely right about stones being taken for building - it has happened through the ages. I believe many of the cottages near Hadrian's wall were built using stone from there. Our little local barns gradually disappear as the stone is used for something else (and the stone roof slabs too).
    When you get up here you will have to take the Darlington and Stockton Times because on Fridays, when it comes out, Nicholas Rhea writes in it and often writes about bits of old Roman road and such like. He wrote of Wheeldale last week and I thought of you.

  4. Thank you for that Pat. Will try and find Rhea on the net, almost finished with the stretch that I am interested in, just one more thought.....