Tuesday, June 9, 2015

9th June

Well nothing to write really, so I start with a Thelwell fat pony;  humour after all is good for the soul, and I really like these fat mad ponies with little girls dancing around in the air, and especially the hunting cartoons, it is so underhand in its gently poking satire.  Been trying to remember the 'old granny ones' she would sit in the corner glowering at her family, but it wasn't the Garnetts maybe the Smiths.
I had started out to write about roses, so glorious at this time of the year, I collected them in Bath, also fruit trees, mostly for their names, and perhaps when my head is on straight I shall write about them.  Yesterday we cut branches off the cherry tree overhanging the driveway, for when the removal van comes, I don't know what today brings, perhaps another visit to the recycling place. Joy.

Edit; It came like a bolt out of the blue, it was Giles, his books of cartoons were those extra small pressies at Xmas.
LS collects Japanese 'Manga' cartoons, there is a great rift on humour in our relationship!


  1. Such a personal thing - humour. I do love Thelwell though.
    When you mentioned Grandma in the corner I thought 'must send Thelma an e mail, it was Giles' - then, by the end of your post you had remembered.

  2. Thank you Pat, but it sprang into focus as a book, must have been all those Xmases long time ago, that full after a meal andsick from the sweets you would thumb through a Giles book in the afternoon.