Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2nd June

It is sad when good men die, especially politicans, but Charles Kennedy filled the post admirably, except... I have not seen much of him in the last few years, was it his resignation from the Liberal Party leadership, or his disagreement with his party over joining the conservatives I wonder.  Or perhaps his need for alcohol that allowed him to slip from view.
The tributes pour in, we are good at honouring the dead, perhaps we should have taken more notice of Kennedy when he was alive.
We have a 'pencilled' in date for the move, third week in June, LS plots our journey, we are to stay in a hotel along the way after emptying this house, so that we arrive in good order at the new house to meet the removal men.  Hopefully the weather will be fine, the wind has rattled round the windows all night, it is a very low 'low', not experienced for several years in June, the summer month or so I believe.
He still prods me for more things to throw away, but I can't find anything, yesterday we took to the charity shop a whole china set (free from a Barclays offer years ago), plus a guitar and badminton bats.  I have a lot of old antiquarian books that I did think of giving away to Oxfam but LS says no.
Yesterday Michael, our solicitor phoned up, he is finishing the searches, LS has been worried (amongst many things) about the Chancery Liability, which translates into if you are near a church you may have to pay for their upkeep.  But apparently you can insure against this, Michael said that all of the Whitby houses comes under this outdated law.  Given that Whitby has many, many churches it made me laugh, a legacy from the past.  Why do you think it is though that Whitby home to a religious fervour because of the saint Hilda, should also harbour a great Goth cult as well, the darkness of satanic vampires sits so easily in its religious setting, especially up at St.Mary's church yard.
Coffee time...


  1. Lovely to hear that you have a move-date at last. Always a stressful time but do hope you will find the whole thing has been worth while. I am sure you will love Yorkshire - the folk are so friendly.

  2. I've always thought the Goth cult has something to do with Bram Stoker's Dracula which starts with a Russian ship running aground off Whitby, I believe. As well as Goth Week, Whitby has a jolly Folk Week, attended by my Morris dancing sister-in-law. It's a fantastic town!