Sunday, June 14, 2015

14th June


Love the detail in this photo, and the way the old lady draws the fibre so finely.

This is an old blog about Japanese dyes, LS has carefully collected and stored all these dyes in their boxes, presumably for a museum, but I also dabble in dyeing, though haven't been able to do anything this year with all this moving saga.  I also spin so it was this photo that captured my imagination of a woman spinning on an Indian Chahkra wheel, she is spinning silk, and I have some silk to spin at the moment.  When you dye silk the colour is much stronger and more vibrant than on wool, I use acid dyes mordanting with white vinegar, but you can mess around with other mordants, though alum for plant dyeing is to be preferred.   My wheel is the traditional Australian Ashford, a simple wheel but a good work horse.

What bought this to mind, was a photo found in one of the  folders of a large painting that had azurite/Gunjo mineral in its colouring and also pearl/shinju dust if I remember correctly.  It is not a very good photo, and the painting it went to auction somewhere in Europe, having arrived from Australia.  What I remember most was a computer person coming to read the special marks of the school/painters; he used a special programme to read  the almost invisible stamped marks.

And an earlier blog show the Tamamushi Beetle which can also be found in LS's boxes of wonder....

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