Saturday, June 20, 2015

The afternoon

The day moves slowly, I am wandering around like a lost cat, we are down to 90% of stuff packed, the above painting which is about 6 foot by 6 foot has just been wrapped, last painting to be packed in bubble stuff.  It is a very calming painting, can almost hear the swish of water as the carp swim round.  In actual fact it will have some work done soon, it is to be framed, and a crease line smoothed out,  photos never quites gets it gold 'sprinkle' colour.  How these symbolic carp/dragons and goldfish are part of the tradition of Japan and China.

A short break in between writing and holding down bubble wrap, the bike has gone! pleased about that, two men, one the father of the younger one, took it way and that was that. Another burden melted into the world, I gave it away, though new, because I hate hassle over money and very rarely go down that path anyway,  LS of course keeps his, also only ridden once...