Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1st July

The weather is glorious, deep blue skies, the occasional high white clouds, and swallows swoop gracefully everywhere.  We are settled in amongst boxes, problems slowly solving.  The first was no reception with our mobiles, meaning that we had to drive to Pickering to talk to people. But on Monday an Openreach van stood outside and he sorted our landline and of course the internet clicked in and seems to be working very quickly.
We needed a landline, bedroom furniture ordered and paid for, could not be delivered until we could phone from the house, this to do with LS ordering from the old Chelmsford address, he had not changed his credit details from the old house as well.  Today we have a new large table delivered for seating the family around, who of course came on Sunday to see us, and we wandered round the village, Lillie inevitably stepping in some dog poo, and making a terrible fuss.
Everyone is friendly, I could mention someone called Jo who has a pony and trap, her husband has been haymaking in the fields over the road, as, has every other farmer in the district, and a truer saying 'making hay while the sun shines' could not be more apt.
The removal men came up the same day as they loaded, and slept outside in their van which had bunk beds somewhere.  We on the other hand stopped off at this rather pretty inn, on the 'Great North Road' as its landlord called it.  Weirdly the stone at this place was very similar to Cotswold, a pretty honey colour.

Their is a cockerel over the road, who does not wake too early, but has just woken up and proclaims his ownership of the world.  Hens, sheep and in the far distance cows moo gently so it is very bucolic.
Spoken to quite a few people, the 'history man' wandered past yesterday and we have been invited to the Strawberry tea at the church on Saturday.
One of the reasons for moving to this house is the church next door, quiet neighbours....

Slumbering gently in the evening sun

This beautiful wall will need careful thought as to planting

The old coke house for the church


  1. It looks a peaceful spot, and I am glad the move went smoothly and you have a phone line and broadband so quickly! I bet you will be unpacking for weeks though, so do some and then go out and explore!

    1. Hi Jennie, there is a whole load to go up into the loft but first it has to be floored, not sure we will be able to explore, we had to put together a large table and chairs today, very heavy, and then there is the plumber tomorrow......;)

  2. Welcome to your new world Thelma. It sounds as though you are already settling in. Before I was married to my deep-dyed-in-the-wool Yorkshireman (twenty two years ago) my first husband and I, who moved up here from Wolverhampton (and originally from Lincolnshire) found we were made welcome instantly. And the help I had from the community during his final illness was deeply moving and appreciated.
    I know you are going to love it. We are haymaking too and Tess has terrible hay fever - keeping her in is impossible, so the vet has given her steroids to help and I am bathing her every evening to wash away the pollen.
    Storms forecast for later today - we are hoping to miss them as our hay will probably not be ready until tomorrow. If rain comes then our hay will have to be silaged.
    Hope you soon feel like locals.

    1. Hi Pat, feeling like the locals takes a long time I think. You had a good village around you all those years ago, and the ties are strong and binding.
      Well I'm not going on steriods like Tess, never knew dogs could get hayfever, learn something knew every day. Cloudy here to, but no storms on the horizon.

  3. It looks like a beautiful, peaceful place!

  4. Hopefully it will be Jan, though there is a small pub on the other side, but they are very quiet as well. The church, as many are in England, poorly attended, think there is only 10 people in the congregation.