Thursday, July 16, 2015

16th July

'Apple blossom' penstemon, always fancied this plant so when at the nursery I got two.  Love the penstemons used to have 'red garnet' and I think one called 'blue gem', easy to take cuttings from and a good space filler, especially with catmint as an underplanting.

Since we moved in most days have been sprinkled in things to do, people coming like Jean to measure the curtain rails, two plumbers, Phil today to fix lights.  Furniture also arriving, I have a double chest of drawers for my patchwork/wool spinning stuff and a table on Monday coming so I can set up my sewing machine.  LS has just ordered two wardrobes, which I think is extravagant, but the large one does fit the space we were going to put in a fitted cupboard, plus chest of drawers, they are to come at the end of the month.

My stuff comes from the Cotswold Company, very efficient and their stuff is reasonably priced.  The delivery firm comes from Birmingham and the men are very good at bringing in the furniture and then unpacking, about 5 minutes it takes.  There seems to me a hint of  'slave labour' creeping in from their companies, we noticed this with the removal men.  They have 'time slots' to work to, and have to hurry from one place to another, don't believe all you read about slack British workers this is not the case, and if this wretched government tries to bring the unions down then I hope there will enough of us to say no!

Curtains have to be chosen and once I have stopped writing will potter through the companies trying to decide.  This is difficult I have spent several hours on picking things out then dropping them a few hours later, it is very boring, why can't curtains appear magically....

Yesterday my daughter phoned they are coming soon to stay the night before they go for a week's holiday at the cottage.  My daughter is over the moon, because one of her flock is returning.  Tom has decided to leave London and will go back home in August. Teddy the dog has 'behavioural issues', did dogs have issues in the olden days? I think not, where have all these 'experts' emerged from I wonder. 


  1. I love that pentstemon - in fact I think white flowers usually lift any herbaceoue border.
    You sound to be getting straight. Don't know whether you live fairly near Northallerton, nor what kind of curtains you want - but CB furnishings in Northallerton (on the trading estate) have a fair selection of ready-made ones and I have usually found something i like there. Or if you are getting you machine set up, perhaps you wish to make your own.

  2. Straight lines defeat me on curtains, so I think ready made. Northallerton is quite a way, so it will have to be the internet...