Friday, July 17, 2015

An afternoon drive to Hutton Le Hole

Which is about 6 miles from where we live.  Down a country lane to the village of Great Edstone, here LS will make a joke, "wonder where Ed Milliband's stone ended up?", funny as long as it is not repeated too often.  We arrived and parked at the little church, which had a round stone walled pound for animals attached to its wall.  The church was small and neat and we were preceded by a young girl who was obviously very interested in the organ. She drove a large car by the way, so not that young, but then as you get older the young get younger!  I thought it was lovely to see someone interested in music, don't know if she played the organ after we left but I hope she did.
On to Hutton-le-Hole, not many photos of this pretty village, and you will find that 'chocolate box prettyiness' is not really my style but it also had a round stone pound very similar to the Great Edstone one.  But look how two landscapes juxtapose at this place, on the one hand the moors come sweeping down to the valley which in turn is covered densely in trees, and  manicured with neat fields, very typical of Yorkshire.  The ewe and her two lambs, one a ram you could just see the buds of his horns entertained us for a while, she was still feeding the pair.  The village is full of holiday homes, which we found surprising but it is a beautiful part of the country.

Great Edstone

Great Edstone church

Holy water stoup?

Does not quite capture the lush purple of the heather

Moor meeting farmland

Clean shaven and pretty

Hutton- le-Hole

The following link is someone's blog who mentioned meeting us at The Hurlers stone circle, my alter ego is 'Moss' by the way,  I keep his name as part of mine.  A friend found the link yesterday.


  1. Yes a lovely village indeed Thelma. We have visited it a few times when we have been in the area. There are some fascinating churches throughout North Yorkshire and most have really interesting artefacts if you are prepared to look into them. You really sound to be settling in well.

  2. We were actually heading for Nunnington, but another time for that, it is a pretty village though. Very different in Victorian times though.