Friday, July 10, 2015

10th July

The internet connection here in the village is definitely not 100%, we spend time retuning the modem
and then it still plays up, could be because we are at the end of the BT connection here or that we need a new modem.  
Tiredness has set in, yesterday we started to set up the bookcases in the downstair room, (which we call the shared study) there is still two more bookcases to be taken apart and brought upstairs.  Today we once again take a car full of cardboard to the recycling centre, and then various shopping in Whitby, and coffee in Sherlocks.

You can see why it is called Sherlocks, the wooden panelling is everywhere, but they make the best 'house' coffee.
I have been encouraging the local birds, rather thin on the ground when we first came, beautiful  song thrush and its young, coal tits, blue tits, and a white headed blackbird.  Also one of my favourites, though I expect others will not agree, this is the jackdaw, sleek grey necked bird is feeding her three youngsters.
We had them in Bath, clever creatures, I would rescue their young as they flew down from the chimneys where they had been nesting, many times they would land on the ground without being able to fly up.  I once picked one of these young on a long branch, and put it on some trellising, the parents came swooping down telling me no, no and swooping to the old holly tree.  So I moved the babe to the tree and the garden returned quietly to its former self.
The crow family has a history of persecution and death, I suppose from the earliest times through the Celtic period when it became revered, it was to be found on the battlefield helping itself to the remains.  They are such a motley crowd, I have even witnessed a crow 'parliament' when lines of crows gathered on the railings on the Bath racecourse, scary but exhilarating.

Back at 4 0 clock; some photos of the lane we travel along from Pickering, tall parsley flowers, with meadowsweet all along the verges and of course the undertow at the moment is the beautiful blue cranesbill. The weather was perfect.

The old railway line Pickering to Malton


  1. Annoying about the internet, but that is rural life for you! We are the last number on our telephone line which apparently doesn't help matters (we are furthest from the exchange).

    Sherlocks looks a very atmospheric place for coffee.

    We have had severalcrow parliaments here down the years - when they mete out justice, it is like a scene from Hitchcock's The Birds - a crashing and tumbling and swirling of a hundred crows out to kill/maim the wrongdoer.

    Lovely wild flowers with you.

  2. Our internet is getting better Jennie, though I notice it has a 'wandering' habit in its connection, could be to do with the pub next door and their wi-fi. Sherlocks is gorgeous, good coffee and a shared sandwich is always just right.