Sunday, July 26, 2015


There is another house that needs furnishing, the dollshouse and so I made a start, but a long way to go, might need some internal decoration.
Yesterday we took back some CDs of the history of the village, and met another family, the young daughter is a 'canine beautician' and every morning and afternoon walks half a dozen dogs past the house, she even looks after your dog and chickens for a few days, enterprising young girl and useful to know.
We went on to the garden centre and bought a couple of things, LS bought a rose, and it took us about an hour to dig the hole in front of the church wall.  My plan is to plant roses in the lawn along this wall, as a flowerbed will be too much work.  Excavating the hole near the coke house of the church, we had been told that a butcher shop once stood in this area, and as we dug deep unearthed a couple of the old bricks from the pillar of the wall which had fallen down, some scrap iron and bits of Victorian pottery.

The sequence of event mapped out in photos.  As you can see we have no hedge in front, I thought a hawthorn hedge would go quite well, with perhaps a spindle tree or two, the old holly by the end sort of dictates a country feel.

The rose is called 'Boscobel'

Mr.King's original planting of beech shrubs is rather pathetic...


  1. Nice rose. We used to live in the Midlands quite near to Boscobel House, which we often visited. Presumably the rose is named after it.

    1. Yes we need to plant some more, as a David Austin rose it was not too expensive, but we need plenty more. Hope you enjoyed your day and the rain did not come too early.

  2. That's a lovely DA rose, one on list "to get". I was going to suggest you planted an edible hedge along the front, but then realized it's next to a road, so forget that idea! Do you have a limey soil? The Spindle would love that. It evokes memories of walks along the Shaston Drove beside Salisbury Racecourse (I used to live half a mile from the racecourse, and right next to the Drove.)

    1. They are beautiful DA's roses, the old english ones. Well the answer for the hedging is down the road at Castle Howard, they have a tree nursery and supply nearly everything.
      Can't quite get my head around that we are near Castle Howard, but it is just down the road to Malton, anyway it will have to be Autumn planting for the hedge and I suspect the shrubs are just 'slips' by the prices they are charging.


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