Thursday, July 23, 2015


The Big Animal of Rock

Is kneeling
In the cemetery of its ancestors.

In its home
Among its pious offspring
of root and leaf.

In its homeland 

among a solemn kin
Who visit each other in heaven and earth.


At the festival of Unending
In the fleshly faith 
of the Mourning Mother
Who eats her children

The canto
The rock 


Deliciously macabre poem by Ted Hughes on this sunny day,  the first two lines hit the eye with such a vivid picture, and the rock photo by Fay Godwin accompanying  is like a great black whale escaping the clutches of the snow.  Trying to find a similar one, I b/w the above Aberridi rock with its vertical layering, it is actually a very dark rock, and the derelict miner's cottages here at the sea edge of West Wales are black as well. 

But to return to more mundane things, we are off to Whitby soon to get rid of more cardboard, and drink coffee at Sherlocks and shop.  Yesterday we put together the chicken coop and run, and now it sits rather self-consciously  in the back garden awaiting its small flock!


  1. Do hope that small flock soon arrive, then I shall really know you have settled in.

  2. Everything comes flat pack these days Pat, even chicken coops, it took about 4 hours to put together, and then we had to recycle all the cardboard that has again built up in the garage. As for chickens can't spy any of my favourite Pekin bantams around here but will keep searching.

  3. Keeping chickens is on my to-do list, but do you have to be prepared to dispatch as well as hatch?

  4. No you let them die of old age:), As you will see from the above blog, a couple of hens have moved into the church yard, perhaps we can tempt them.


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