Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday 27th July

Hogarth print of the 'Rakes Progress' 1734.  You end up in Bedlam in the end!
Enough said on the latest scandal of Lord Sewel, (and that's the clean version)  you don't know whether to weep or laugh.  LS said last night as we watched Countryfile, in which world do we exist? Think about it, most of us are living ordinary lives yet these sods, living off us are so nasty and corrupt, and rule us with such cynical ease, why are we not out on the streets calling for a revolution. End of rant. Not quite! the irony of it is that he seems to be in charge of 'Standards of Conduct'

It is raining, the family are coming today, so any outings locally will have to be curtailed, noticed that Carol Klein will be talking about the history of roses today on BBC2 sink back and enjoy the experience!

Taken from Marjorie Blamey's book on wild flowers, sure she won't mind, the 'wild' roses are going over now.


  1. The end of the wild roses up here in the North always for me symbolises the beginning of Autumn. This year we have had no summer and today it is cold and very wet. Heating back on.
    I do agree about the latest political scandal - just to hear his voice on television was enough to make me sick.

  2. Sadly you are quite right, the year turns so quickly, though we should still have a 'hot' August hopefully.