Monday, July 13, 2015

The Bells, the bells

New Header; how can one resist sweet peas? bought at the Malton Food Fare, along with a couple of manky pies, sorry to the cook but a bit more flavour please and organic eggs would not have gone amiss.
Yesterday, we went to a small garden centre in Kirkbymoorside, she had a fabulous range of plants, and now some wait for the rain to stop so that I can plant them in the garden!  But there was also an antique shop/shed there, a cornucopia of furniture and bric a brac.  Very expensive was my first reaction, the old chairs started at £400, and most of the furniture was around the £700.  Loads of prints on the wall though and we both spied this old oil painting tucked away in the corner and fell in love with it.  It is not in good condition, the canvas is splitting where  black paint has been applied. The subtleties of the paintwork has worn with time and somehow seems to have given it greater credence, it has an illegible signature but a date of 1803. LS is already looking up a picture framer for it.  It reminded me of The Foss, which is a waterfall deep in some woods with an old house by it.

And the church bells rang out yesterday, not as melodiously as I would have liked, but LS was enraptured by them, he has really fallen in love with this place, and even talks of bell ringing himself! A rather crummy video below, the swallows that fly in and out of three nests under the eaves feeding their young were curiously absent through the bells, wonder why?

Edit;  On closer inspection with a magnifying glass, the painting is revealed as a very clever fake...
a very fine print on top of an old canvas, with paint, or animal glue LS thinks, to give the impression of thick strokes.  As we got it cheaply, no harm is done and we still love it, but no more expense on it!


  1. Re the painting I suppose the moral is to always carry a magnifying glass in your pocket when exploring these places.
    I too love sweet peas. Mine in the garden are in full bloom and we are cutting them daily, but sadly there are no dark purple ones - and that is the colour which I think lifts the other pinks and mauves.
    It is good to hear that you are settling in nicely. I am so glad.

  2. "the painting I suppose the moral is to always carry a magnifying glass in your pocket when exploring these places."
    Exactly what LS said this morning, but he doesn't mind and will have a go at a bit of restoration on it.
    Sweet peas of course don't last but their colours are gorgeous, perhaps I will grow some next year.