Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This is the view I see from the window when I have my breakfast at the new table.  Of course I am looking from a different vantage point, but it is on this pile of grass cuttings from the cemetery that a rabbit will appear most days.  There is a small wilderness to this corner, brambles ramp along the wall, and hazel nuts are growing above.  The rabbit always looks like a Victorian cut out black figure, and probably may be a different one each time, but for now will go under the name of Flopsy, there are plenty of rabbits in the field behind.  Early morning the jackdaws come down for the bread I throw out, and the beautiful thrush hops round on our lawn, not really a proper turf lawn but the old field grass with lots of clover, that LS has to cut frequently with all this rain and sun. It is from here our over enthusiastic acrobatic squirrel will appear and knock down the seed hanger.  The following photo shows how I really see the mound with the mysterious rabbit, and the green far away land behind. The long grasses in front have seed heads and it is here the little chaffinches dine, quite engrossing at coffee time.

Above all this is a stand of trees making the garden shady, amongst these trees a tall Scots pine, and below an old holly that has a lot of green berries on, so Xmas holly should not be a problem. You can see from the following that the sun shines from the East through the trees, the house is of course parallel with the church, and one day I shall go and photo the sun shining through the east window.


  1. Do you have any myxy among your rabbit population over there? Our population is riddled with it and it is terrible to see them die such a lingering death. Any that the farmer sees he finishes off in a humane way in order to end their suffering.

  2. They looked pretty healthy in the field Pat, and this one is always chewing on something. I hated the myxy disease, and the fact that it has not died out after all this time. Wretched disease which should never have been introduced....


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